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The Back Room

Where the coppers hang out

Detective Flaherty figures ya mighta been wonderin' who all these guys are...

Officer Handlebar himself... Chicago PD, 1880's. The ladies always thought it was me in costume...I let 'em believe it for a lonnnng time.

Another 1880's Chicago cop, assigned in the Chief's Office. Check out THAT moustache!

A rookie... circa 1880's, again, Chicago PD. Does he look proud of that uniform or what?

The roaring 20's in Chicago. How 'bout this paddy wagon...

Check them out... the coppers out front of The Station House. Actually, this is July 4, 1922 in Melrose Park, IL. My Grandfather is believed to be hiding somewhere in this picture.

Right about the turn of the Century, Captain G.L. Gilmore posed for this picture. Believed to be somewhere in Maine? The buttons read "CP" and the badge has a 5 point star in the center. Anybody know?

Lt. J.P. Roach. Captain Gilmore's partner... any clue?

Who knows where these guys are from....but they sure look great on my wall!

I figure this was taken in the 1930's or 40's... and it looks typical of an Ohio uniform and badge.

Hey! What the heck is he doin' loose in the back room?
Wouldn't you be lookin this sad if you were doin' time in the Lousiana State Pen for "Uttering", 1930.

Check out the look on Captain Frederick Lemon's face! This San Francisco copper doesn't look too happy to have been summoned before the Grand Jury in its probe of police incomes. He suddenly came down sick...effectively blocking his testimony.

Pretty spiffy bikes flank these Ashtabula, Ohio coppers in the 1920's.

Would you stop for this 1920's Chicago suburb traffic cop? If he keeps flashin' that big grin o' his, you would.

A 1911 postcard commonly sold in Chicago, shows CPD "On Parade". The writer mentioned to his sister back home in Iowa that Chicago "is a wonderful place but too dirty for me".

This officer of the Chicago Park District Police certainly gussied himself up for the pose in this circa 1930's photo session.

Well, it's not Mr. Ed! Neither this officer nor his horse are talking about when this picture was taken in Rochester, NY. Probably 1900-1910.

These guys look more like they should be workin' some deep south plantation... but they are from Ashtabula, Ohio, 1880's.

Chicago Police Supt. James Conlisk honors police artist Otis Rathel in the late 1960's, along with an unidentified Commander. Rathel is mentioned in the Chief's Office, in reference to Chicago badges.

This department posed proudly back in the 40's... believed to be Kenosha, Wisconsin.

In this UPI newsphoto, the Mayor of Aurora, Illinois is detained in the back of a Chicago Park Police car. Seems he wouldnt take no for an answer when he demanded a face-to-face meeting with President Eisenhower. 1958.

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