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Chief of Detectives

Badges of the Dic's Bureau

Chief of Detective's Tommy O'Fallon's gonna show ya some of his bureau's badges

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Cicero, Illinois. Home of Al Capone. You reckon this detective
knew the old guy?

Just outside Cicero... Chicago's Detective Sergeant badge from the roaring 20's.

An old eagle-top from Peoria, Illinois, circa 1920's

A beautiful sterling silver badge from Reno, age unknown
but probably circa 1940's. From the Bert Carbo collection.

Ashtabula, Ohio used this "Cleveland look-alike" from the 60's to 1993. This badge is for the Detective Sergeant rank.

Baldwin Park, California detectives wore this traditional star with hard blue enamel lettering, probably circa 1940s.

Kansas City, Kansas detectives got a gold shield with applied badge numbers.  This is a custom-die badge, with the KC seal stamped into the die.

Most commonly known as a "juice badge", the LAPD's Detective Lt. badge from the period of the 1930s actually was a giveaway and can be readily found today.  After scandals involving the giveaway of these badges, LA banned them in 1940 with the advent of a new badge, still worn today. 

The back of the LAPD badge seen above is inscribed "Presented to T. Kirk Hall by Chief James E Davis and JE Shaw January 29, 1935", Hall was a CA Deputy Attorney General

You got two sterling silver stars applied to a gold Detective Lt. badge in Santa Barbara, California. Circa 1930s.

This Glendale, California Lieutenant's badge is no juice badge.  The bottom panel clearly indicates "B of I" for Bureau of Investigation. 

Glendale issued custom-die badges to their officers, including this detective's badge.  Only the rank and number panel was left blank in the die, stamped during the finishing of the badge.

Pasadena's Detective LT carried a single sterling silver star and the city's custom seal.

In contrast to the beautiful California Detective badges, this Wheeling, WV badge is pretty simple.  But it does have a lot of character for a "catalog" badge.

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