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A fine old, ornate badge, #1, from Franklin park, Illinois included the copper number applied, typical of the Chicago area. 

This is reportedly a first-issue badge from Elgin, Illinois, circa 1895.  The construction of the badge is consistent with a badge dating to that period.  Note the crooked  applied numbers.

A very strange title on this badge.  Something you might see on a fire badge.  It is probable that this was some type of "Patrol Driver" type rank. Maybe the "1st Engine" was a motorized patrol wagon?

A ball-tipped 6 pt star, with applied copper number in center, Elgin, Illinois.

One of the first few badges in my collection, found in an antique shop in Elgin about 1970, this Elgin badge is probably ciirca 1940s and post-dating the above styles.

The Elgin Constable's badge is a mystery, containing the initials "LHS".  Possibly the Constables personal initials though there is a "Larkin High School" in Elgin but the history of Larkin doesn't date back to the era this badge is probably from.

Like most northern Illinois departments in the early 1900s,  Rockford wore a pie plate but with a custom city seal

Another Rockford, Illinois badge, this one an e/t shield and applied copper
numbers. This badge would post-date the pie plate issue

An old eagle top with applied numbers in the center from Macomb, Illinois. Circa 1920s

A six point flat, or tin, star from Lebanon, Illinois

Another six point flat star, Batavia Illinois. Note the "S" in the Illinois abbreviation, a common way that the locals abbreviated the state in the early 1900's.

A six point ball tipped star from Capone's hometown. In place of an applied seal, Cicero police opted for a stamped number.

An old River Forest, Illinois tin star with applied copper numbers. This badge, while of the "flat" type, cannot be considered as such because of the applied numbers.

Another old River Forest, Illinois tin star differing slightly from the above. Note the stamped arms

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