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Badges of the Special Police

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Special Officers in Waukegan, Illinois wore this large tin (or commonly referred as "flat") star probably in the 30's and 40's.

North Chicago, Illinois went with a 5 point star, with a disk applied, no State Seal for this plain and simple look.

A six point flat star was worn by the Special Police of Lake Bluff, Illinois. A common style for the day.

This old Western Springs, IL 6 point flat star carried the moniker "Village Special Police", a unique title.

As near as I can tell, Pingree Grove doesn't have a police department today...but they must have at one time cuz somebody wore this nice old 5 point flat star.

The powers that be in Elmhurst, Illinois decided that their specials would wear a shield, totally different than the star worn by the regular officers. (circa 1940's/50's)

Bellwood, IL, however, like many other departments, allowed special officers to wear a badge similar to the regular officer's.

This special deputy with the initials "E.N" had a small plain-face star with filigree arms and hard blue enamel, typical of California badges. Interestingly, only one period in the initials.

Klamath Falls, Oregon specials wore a ball-tipped circle star badge, identical to Portland badges of the time.

Often times, special police were private but carried badges from the department, as seen here with this Los Angeles tear drop.

The Lincoln S.B. of Chicago specials wore a badge similar to a lot of cops in Chicagoland.  Can anyone confirm what "SB" stands for?  My guess is "State Bank".

This smaller star is from the Boys Club of Chicago.  Just to make sure, they stamped Chicago twice.

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