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The City Jail

Badges of the Lockup

The Headkeeper say's lock your prisoners to the bench before booking!

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The Denver Sheriff Department, responsible for all Denver prisoners. This former issue badge, made by Sachs-Lawlor, is silver with a copper colored Denver City/County seal. The small "D" next to the number indicates that this was a replacement badge, duplicated after the original was lost or damaged.

A former issue badge of the Colorado State Pen. Although seen in gold color, it's actually a nickel finish (bad Chief...don't forget those UV filters no more!)

From the well-known Cook County Jail in Chicago, this big ol' star was probably worn in the 30's or 40's. 

Another older piece from Cook County is this Jail Matron's ball-tipped star. The County Seal changed in the early 1960's from this style to the Seal seen in the next Cook County badge.

A more recent issue, Cook County Dept. of Corrections, with the County Seal adopted in about 1963.

The "H" preceeding the badge number of this Cook County Sergeant's badge indicated that this officer was assigned to the infamous Chicago House of Corrections after the City of Chicago turned over operations to the Sheriff.

The badge worn by the City of Chicago House of Corrections officers before the facility was turned over to Cook County. The badge number below the City Seal is applied, copper. .

The City of Detroit also had a House of Corrections. This badge was worn by jailers circa 1940's/50's.

Later, Detroit decided that the "House of Corrections" was politically incorrect... the facility name changed, as did the badges.

Yup, even Parole Officers carried badges. This one from the famous Southern Illinois Pen, probably 1930's. A badge this grungy almost begs to be polished... but polishing would take away it's antique appearance.

The West Virginia Penitentiary's "Road Guard" conjures up a vision of  whips and hard labor. 

But a more modern WV Pen badge uses the more politically correct "Correctional Officer"

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