Remembering 9-11-01.
We will not forget!

The Police Garage

The Engine Pool

Engineman Marty O'Mallory is changin' oil right now but
he says check out the cop cars...

The way it was done long, long ago. 1904 post card.

Chicago PD Patrol "automobile" circa 1911.

Early patrol wagon

1920s Paddy wagon, Chicago Police

A 1938 photo of an Ashtabula, Ohio squad for a local tire company advertisement

This 1947 photo shows a Colorado Courtesy patrolman proudly showing
off his squad.

Two Homestead, Pennsylvania officers chit-chat on a city street, prob'ly discussin' the advantages of the Chevy 3800 Patrol Wagon.

1930's Englewood, Colorado cops show off their coppermobile in front of City Hall. Get outta the way boys, so we can see the darned thing.

Now the whole department gets into the act in Englewood, Colorado. 1937

The last ride. Officers salute as Police Captain Michael Brennan is carried to his hearse in Cambridge, Mass., 1930's. A note on the back of the photo says Brennan died as a result of a beating. Nothin' ever changes except the look of the cars.....

1920s Illinois Highway Police


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