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Badges of the Denver Police Department

Captain Johnny O'Hartnett wants ya to take a look at Denver's badges...

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A gold-filled 8 point star for the police department's "Chief Deputy Auditor". Circa 1890's. Now in the collection of Ron Samson.

At one time, Denver had both a regular force and a Park Police. This sunburst shield is similar to the regular force's, but clearly marked "Park Police". Circa 1896-1915.

A latter day Park Police badge, circa 1930's-1950's. The letterin on this badge is what is commonly known as "Carnival" style. The enameling is black but a rarer style is in green enamel (1950's). These officers were also responsible for parks deep in the Rocky Mountains, well outside the city limits but still owned by the City... an unusual circumstance in the U.S.

Denver's 5th issue badge, worn 1915-1926, featured a large brass colored seal at the top, brass colored rank panel and brass colored badge number.

Another 5th issue, this one for the "Inspection" rank. No one seems to know what this rank was. LA also wore a badge style like this, made by Sachs-Lawlor of Denver.

Special Officers in Denver wore this large 6 point star with a small City Seal in the 1960's.

The current issue style for the Denver PD, but this badge was issued in 1966. The badge number, 66-21, indicates that this officer was the 21st hire in the year 1966. This badge is hallmarked Sachs-Lawlor.

The current issue Sergeant's badge. In the late 80's, the department changed over all ranking officers to the patrolman style badge seen above. The current Chief, however, has allowed the ranking officers to gravitate back to this style. Now you can find Sgts and above wearing either this style or the patrolman style.

Same story for the Lieutenant rank. Also, dependant on when issued, Sgt. and Lt. may be numbered or may not be... the ones in my collection are not.

Denver's now-demolished Stapleton Airport had their own department back in the 1950's and 60's. The officer's wore their own insignia, like this patrolman's shield.

A different style from Stapleton, this one with the word "Police" instead of "Patrolman". The Denver PD eventually assumed all duties at the airport.

Denver's auxiliary police wore this shield probably in the 40's or 50's. This rank is for a Sergeant and is a nice old find, although cruder than most of Denver's badges.

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